Call It Opportunity!

     Retirement does not sit well with those who have achieved a life of success. Upon finishing their professional life, many feel unsure of which direction to steer, and are wayward, lost, and bounce from one temporary pleasure to the next without achieving new purpose and meaning. It's common to mistake multiple pleasures with true happiness and fulfillment. And it's common to feel a strong loss of identity that comes with ending a work career. What do you do now with your time? Just like your financial retirement plan, or your business plan, you need a plan for your life.

Most retirees don't have a plan. 

     Non-Financial Retirement Planning represents a bigger problem than many are willing to accept. Perhaps you spent 20 or 25 years rising through the ranks of a company to vice president. You expect that when you retire, you’ll fall easily into a life of leisure—rising late, doing what you want when you want, and perhaps traveling frequently. The reality is after a few months, many new retirees find your days endlessly boring with much of the time spent sleeping or watching television. If you don’t like golf or gardening, or it’s too hot or cold, what will you do all day?

As many retirees discover soon after departing the workplace, leaving one life to begin another is difficult at best. Retirees have a 40% higher chance of depression than non-retirees.*

     The reality is even though most professionals look forward to retirement, the loss of a job can be unexpectedly traumatic. Having a plan and something to do every day provides many mental health benefits. At work, you feel like a contributor and you’re appreciated.**  What will you contribute and how will your knowledge be appreciated in your retirement years? 

That is the retirement question Buoy Coaching asks. Sail Into Retirement™ is the answer.

     Guided by the expert in the field, this cutting edge coaching program teaches you how to discover your true passion and create a new purpose in your retirement years. Read more about the solution on the next page

Coaching Retirees to a Life of
Fulfillment and Purpose

*May 2013 study by the UK’s Institute of Economic Affairs
**Mike Lewis, Forbes Magazine





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