"With Larry's help, I have transitioned from a simple leisure-oriented life to one of true meaning."

     With good financial planning and a healthy respect for big transitions, I thought I was prepared to start retirement as if it were a long vacation. So I thought! Deep reflections about my personal needs led me to Retirement Coach Larry Jacobson. I came to appreciate Larry as the least self-oriented, and most energetic and honest person in my life.  He poured his energy into my situation and has successfully guided me to a balanced retirement filled with purpose, meaning, and satisfaction. With Larry’s help, I have transitioned from a simple leisure-oriented life to one of true meaning.

     I now enjoy more time with family and friends, am intellectually challenged from consulting work, and I fulfill my desire to help others by volunteering on the boards of several non-profits. Larry helped me to access my own courage and develop a strategy that keeps me challenged while honoring my competing internal and external desires.

     I have recommended Larry to all my former co-workers and friends, and suggest that if you are considering retirement, your first stop before sailing away should be with Buoy Coaching.    

-Richard C.

"Larry, you have been such an inspiration to me!  I couldn't have done this without your help and coaching - and you can quote me on that!" 

     "Larry inspired confidence in my ability to be a successful presenter and writer. Having heard Larry talk about his sailing experience having read his book and having listened to his TED talks, I knew that Larry had the back ground, experience and personality help me craft my story.

     Through working with Larry as my coach, I discovered that my newly focused presentation allowed me to draft my book. 

     Larry did more than listen.  He encouraged, inspired and guided me through a focused process that helped me clearly define my goals. Thank you Larry!" 

-Elaina B.


Coaching Retirees to a Life of Fulfillment and Purpose



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