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Unsure if Coaching is for You? Ask these guys.

 Is VIP Private Retirement Coaching for You?

A recent Stanford Business School survey of senior executives  showed that 100% of CEO’s and nearly that number of presidents of companies wanted to have a personal coach. Yet, only 33% were actually being coached.

      The reason for the difference? Most CEO’s interviewed said they didn’t want remedial business coaching. They didn’t need someone telling them how to balance a budget. What they needed and wanted was someone to help them with their personal skills and issues in life. They also wanted their coaching to be confidential. The primary coaching subjects desired amongst this group are:  

  • Long term visioning and planning
  • Goal setting for themselves, their employees and departments within their company
  • The skills needed to motivate others
  • Managing their fears
  • Self-confidence
  • Decision-making
  • Taking Risks for the company and themselves
  • Dealing with Change
  • Perseverance through difficult times
  • Setting Priorities for the company and themselves
  • Passing on their knowledge
  • Balance of work and home life
  • Empathy including the ability to laugh, cry, and give more
  • Personal Self-actualization
  • Post-career options

Having a plan gives clarity about what you want to do with your retirement years. Common coaching wisdom is that those who are trying to follow a plan do so at a much higher success rate when someone else holds them accountable for taking the actions outlined in the plan. 

     Most people have a financial plan for retirement. Most do not have a non-financial plan. So you have enough money to retire, but what will you do with it? How will you spend your days? Can you picture yourself going from your fast paced professional life to a screeching halt to tend roses in your garden? How many days will it take for you to be bored? Is making a difference now more important than making more money?

Knowledge is learned either from experience, or taking the shortcut and learning from someone who has already done it.  Larry Jacobson has cracked the code for you.

     VIP Private Retirement Coaching can save you years in making the life-changing decisions you'll soon be facing. Why go through the trial and error process when you can have your plan of action done in just ten weeks? With either the Sail Into Retirement™ online interactive Video Classroom, or VIP Private Retirement Coaching, you'll take away a concrete Plan of Action and new found confidence for your transition to retirement.

All coaching is confidential and your name is never shared without your permission.

Coaching Retirees to a Life of
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