Celebrate Your Weakness!

This being my birthday weekend, and having reached an age well beyond that which I ever thought I would attain, and having fought many a battle with myself about some of my weaknesses, I’ve come to a conclusion: there are certain things in our lives we will always want. If those things aren’t too terrible for us, and don’t harm anyone else, instead of trying to paddle upstream for the rest of our lives, it may be more beneficial to give in. In fact, we can even use an indulgence or weakness to reward ourselves for a job well done.

I didn’t say I would give up completely at trying to overcome this weakness, but sometimes we just have to recognize the amount of effort put forth vs. the benefit gained. I used to more


Navigating Entrepreneurship for Speakers; Larry's SpeakerMatch Interview

Whether or not you signed up for it, if you’re a professional speaker, you’re also an entrepreneur. From marketing to money-management, your success is a reflection of your efforts and your leadership capabilities. I sat down with Brian from SpeakerMatch to talk about speakers who have unexpectedly found themselves navigating through entrepreneurial waters. This interview may be helpful for all accidental entrepreneurs. Does that sound like you? Have a listen more


Who Can I Blame?


All day I’ve been blaming Comcast for my grumpy and sour mood. I’ve been telling myself it’s their fault.Today was one of the rare times I had paid for a webinar. Scheduled for 9am, I was up bright and early at 8:55 leaving me plenty of time to wake up my computer, log on, and begin taking notes. To my dismay, when I clicked the webinar link, I saw the dreaded message we’re all too familiar with: “Cannot connect to the internet at this time.” What? No!I quickly dialed 1-800-Comcast and spent the next 25 minutes pushing every button combination possible, and calling back three more times before I was able to speak with a live person. I finally was connected to John after I told the automated system to “Cancel my service.” Miraculously, my call went right through! Hint to customer service: work to keep me happy all the time rather than trying to save my business at the last minute.

“We’re doing some maintenance in your more


Larry was featured in Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine

The following article, written by Larry Jacobson, was featured in the September 2014 issue of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine.

You’re an entrepreneur. That means you’re in charge. Of everything. If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, and you’re working alone from your kitchen table or an office, or the back seat of your car, you’re CFO, CEO, VP of sales, Chief Marketing Officer, head of promotion, bookkeeper, and every other role that’s required to make any business operate. Get used to it because until you reach the point of delegation, the person you see in the mirror is the one who will be handling every aspect of your venture.

In my 20 years of building a business from zero to the darling of an industry, six years sailing around the world, and then returning to become an entrepreneur again, I made an important more


The Accidental Entrepreneur: You


You’re an independent artist, author, speaker, coach, dog walker, or myriad of other solo careers. You have chosen to go this route because you know the benefits of being independent. But did you realize that when you decided to go this route, you also became an entrepreneur? Like it or not, this means you’re in charge – of everything.


“No, no, no, I’m just an author, a writer, an artist, a speaker, one who wants my independence,” you say. “I didn’t sign up to run a business!” you plead. I understand how you feel. That’s how I felt when I began writing and speaking. I just wanted to tell my tale. more


Admit You're Happy


August is “Admit You’re Happy Month.” I’m not sure who decides these things but I like this one. Sometimes admitting you’re happy is easier said than done. Of course we want to be happy all the time, but it’s just not always in the cards. I look for tools and methods to help me in my ever-constant quest for happiness. Here’s one of those tools you can apply to your life today.


Less stress in your life allows more room for happiness, and we all have our own methods of de-stressing such as exercise, sleep, meditation, and chocolate (well, it works for me!). Did you more




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